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Aeron [AYR-ahn] (CG; greater god of war, battle and bravery) Title/Alias: the Warrior Symbol: rent and bloody iron helm Elven Name: Maethor Description: Aeron is the Werin deity of war and, as such, is often referred to simply as the Warrior.  He is a popular patron of fighters of all types. Not only do soldiers and knights of the kingdoms revere … Read More


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Arawn [ahr-oun] (LE; greater god of revenge, terror, war, spirit contact, and reincarnation) Title/Alias: King of Hell Symbol: crowned skull Abaedan Name: Wrecan (revenge, punishment, war and reincarnation) Drow Name: Faeron (revenge, and war) Goblin Name: Yenilgi (goblins and destruction) Description: Arawn is perhaps the most powerful evil god in the Verin Pantheon. He is roundly feared by all people of … Read More


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Belinos [bel-I-nohs] (N; greater god of fire and dragons) Symbol: intertwined gold and red dragons Abaedan Name: Balaur (same portfolio) Elven Name: Amlugeth (same portfolio) Description: The deity the Verin worship as Belinos is not a formal member of the Verin pantheon.  Originally the prime deity of the dragon pantheon, the Verin and several other races have adopted this being … Read More


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Brenna [Bren-AH] (NG; intermediate goddess of forests, flora and fauna) Symbol: thistle Elven Name: Balanedaur god of elves and the forest (primary elven god) Description: Brenna is a goddess of forests, of sunlight dappled clearings, of flowers and of trees, and of the beasts that wander under the boughs of her protection.  She is revered by all who rely on forests … Read More

Caer Arail

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Caer Arail is one of the cities of the former Kingdom of Cadarn, in a region currently known as the Twelve Kingdoms. Caer Arail is located centrally along the eastern frontier of the old kingdom near the foothills of the Ganlaw Mountains. More of a walled and fortified town than anything approaching the size of a city, Caer Arail’s government … Read More



Daearoedd (‘dd’ is pronounced as a ‘th’) is the name given to the world by the Werin people of the Twelve Kingdoms, other peoples have different names for the world. The Abaedan of the Maere Empire call the world Eorð (‘ð’ is pronounced ‘th’). The Alban barbarians call the world Talamh. The dwarves Jörð, and the elves Ardh. To the … Read More


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Gormail [gɔr-meɪl] (LE; intermediate god of tyranny) Symbol: gauntleted clenched fist Abaedan Name: Ríceter (same portfolio) Drow Name: Galugon (same portfolio) Goblinoid Name: Zarnok (same portfolio) Description: Gormail is a very ancient god. First worshiped by the tribes of Verin that eventually formed the Kingdom of Cadarn, Gormail was a strong influence in the organization of many of those tribes into law abiding settlements.  Today … Read More


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Livora [lɪv-ôr–ə] (NE; lesser goddess of malice and deep places) Title/Alias: the Crone Symbol: black widow spider Drow Name: Umiel goddess of drow and malice (primary Drow goddess) Kobold Name: Kalmak god of kobolds and survival (primary Kobold god) Description: Livora is an evil goddess of dark underground spaces and pure malice toward all that is good and bright.  She has not been worshiped … Read More



Seren [SAIR-ən] (LG; greater god of sun, light, righteousness, valor and fire magic) Title/Alias: the Father Symbol: solar disk surmounted by a stern, fatherly face. Description: Seren is the primary deity of the Werin pantheon. He is referred to as the Father, but it is doubtful that he fathered the sentient races of Daearoedd. In his role as sun god … Read More