2014 Year in Review | 2015 Preview

How would I categorize 2014?  For me personally it has been the best year of my life!  My wife Nicole and I welcomed our wonderful daughter Mackenna into the world in January, and it has been an adventure of discovery and wonder ever since.  Business wise it has been a great year too!  We released our first for-profit adventure 1A The Inheritance, and for the most part the reviews were positive.  We began work on our next release (but more about that in the 2015 Preview), changed forum software and I started this blog.  We released Features on Seren, the Father, Aeron, the Warrior, and Caer Arail.  All-in-all a great year!

2015 looks to be a great year too!  We have the first birthday of Mackenna coming up and we’re insanely excited about it.  We have walking and talking to look forward to.  The Zoo, the Science Center, the Museum and Kennywood (our local amusement park) and many other firsts.  For Mischief, Inc. my first adventure module 4A A Forgotten Evil will see print, and we have many more Feature blog posts in the works.  More gods will be detailed, such as Belinos, Livora, the Crone, Brenna and others.  We have more city entries like Caer Brennau, Caer Arlais, Caer Carega and Caer Golorion.  We will start delving into Twelve Kingdoms organizations like the Knights of Belinos, and the Knights of Morning Fire.

If I have one wish for Mischief, Inc. in the new year it is this – that the sales of 1A The Inheritance, and 4A A Forgotten Evil drive enough development that we are able to put out more than one adventure during the year.  It is those sales that make more products possible, and the driving force behind the rate at which we can afford to produce and release them.

We at Mischief, Inc. wish all of our customers a very happy and prosperous New Year in 2015!  We look forward to sharing more OSR fun and mischief with you very soon!

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