This production schedule is a bit vague out of necessity. When we are able to get on a more strict schedule this page will reflect that by having more defined dates for product releases.

Up Next

B1 The Inheritance – An Advanced Dungeons & Dragons total rewrite of the our older product designated 1A. The overall plot remains, but almost everything else is new including an all new multi-level dungeon and more open sandbox design.

F2 Barrow of the Orc King – A new free mini-adventure to be included in our next Kickstater project.

Sooner Rather Than Later

M1 Haunted Mines of Veikur – A full length module detailing the upper levels of the mines. Other modules in the M Series will explore further depths of the haunted mines.

F3 The Last Thane of Hammerhand – A new free mini-adventure that leads into M1 Haunted Mines of Veikur.

A Way Down the Road

R1 The Legacy of Rakoss the Undying – You asked for it, and we’re feverishly working on it! The exciting sequel to F1 The Tomb of Rakoss the Undying.

A2 What Lies Beneath – The second module of the Ancient Evil adventure series. This large adventure takes place all over (and under) the city of Caer Golorion.

The Twelve Kingdoms Gazetteer – An old school gazetteer style campaign setting for use with all Mischief, Inc. products.