Old Forums Retired and a New Home for Mischief, Inc. Discussion

OSRGaming.orgWe are happy to announce that we’ve relocated our forum presence to OSRGaming.org. Join us there for discussion, announcements and more!

Wait! What Happened to the Old Forums?

Well in case you haven’t been to our company forums lately, neither has anyone else. I was starting to think I was hearing crickets every time I checked in there. I was beginning to have the sneaking suspicion as well that no one liked me. To save my sanity and self-worth we really had to close down the old forums.

A New Home Rises from the Ashes of a Disaster!

Really it probably wasn’t as dramatic as all that, but it makes a great headline, huh? I began a little shopping around to look for a community with the right kind of atmosphere to host our forums, not even being sure that anyone would be interested. That is when I visited OSRGaming.org to see what was going on there. I’d always liked the community there, and lo and behold they were gone. No kidding! The whole place was gone. I found out that Andrew (DizzySaxophone), the new owner of the forums, had lost everything when moving the domain to a new host. The backups it turned out were all corrupted and couldn’t be used to restore the forums to their former state. Andrew had no choice but to close down, or start over. He thankfully decided to start over. I approached him soon after about moving our forum presence to OSRGaming.org and he cordially invited us to do so. Everything happened rather rapid fire after that. I figured no time was better than the present and shut things down at our forums the next day and made the announcement that Friday.

So What Does OSRGaming.org Offer That the Old Forums Did Not?

In one word, community. OSRGaming.org has a built in community. They are otherwise using the same forums software and the setup is very similar to what the Mischief, Inc. forums offered. Plus it gives those of us at Mischief, Inc. an opportunity to interact with a whole bunch of people who never visited our forums, and there is a small but growing community of publishers beginning at OSRGaming.org too. It’s really the best of many worlds in a lot of ways.

We are going to start by offering a Q&A thread dedicated to our print products and another in the Campaign Worlds forum for questions about The Twelve Kingdoms. After we see how those fare we may expand a bit more.

So we hope you will join us over at OSRGaming.org, and partake of the discussion there. We’ll be participating all over the forums, so stop in and say hello.

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