Mischief, Inc. Adventure Shop Grand Opening!

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The Staff at Mischief, Inc. are happy to announce the Grand Opening of the Official Mischief, Inc. Adventure Shop!

The shop sells all current Mischief, Inc. products in PDF format, and for all the grognards out there like us; print copies of A1 A Forgotten Evil as well! As more adventures become available, they will be sold here first, and after a week or so released to our other retailers. Also, new revisions of our PDFs will likewise be available here first.

We are also looking into the idea of carrying Mischief, Inc. branded t-shirts, ball-caps and other items including Mischief, Inc. logo polyhedral dice sets. Stay tuned for developments! And if you’ve got an opinion about this idea (and we know you do), please make your opinion known in the comments section of this post.

Now for the really important stuff!

For as long as they last we are offering a “Grand Opening” coupon!

$0.00 Store Credit
Never Expires

The coupon is for a free PDF copy of the A1 Illustration Book when you buy a PDF or Print copy of A1 A Forgotten Evil. When they are gone, they’re gone so get ’em while you can! Use the coupon code grandopening at checkout!

Adventure Shop Support

If you happen to run into trouble during the buying process, or if you just have a comment or suggestion please email the Shopkeeper at store@mischiefinc.net. We will be monitoring this account especially closely during this inaugural weekend to try to make your buying experience the best it can be, and to aggressively stamp out any possible bugs.

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