The Mischief, Inc. Store is Going Away

The Adventure Store

In midsummer of 2016 we at Mischief, Inc. decided to try to make our products available through our own online store. The move seemed a wise one. We were just coming off of our very first and successful Kickstarter and we were flush with that excitement. Online retailers take a cut of everything we sell on their sites, so we thought why not realize more of that income and turn it around to make more products for the OSR community?

We went out and figured out how to put together an online store, purchased the products we would need to do the work and got down to it. By late summer we had a functioning store and while the orders didn’t pour in, we did see several order from around the country and even around the world. We felt we had a success on our hands.

Then, sometime in late November, the orders just stopped. In spite of a nice Black Friday through Cyber Monday sale, we had nothing to show for the costs associated with the store.

Now almost half of a year later, we haven’t seen any change in the number of order we see. It was time to make some hard decisions. Though we still love the idea of having our own store, we just cannot justify it on a cost per sale basis, so we decided we will be closing the store. We don’t have a date yet, but it should close down within the next couple of months before software licenses have to be renewed.

So what is going to happen to the site?

Well that hasn’t been decided yet. We may just disable the store segment of the site and keep the rest. We may redesign the site to be more simple and direct. We’ll try to let you know as soon as we know. We had grand plans for a Wiki and Blog and neither seem to have developed the way we would have liked for various reasons. Perhaps we’ll disable those as well until we have the resources to update regularly.

What about my purchase here? Will I still be able to access downloads?

To be entirely truthful we don’t know yet, but probably not. We are considering some options for the people who did purchase electronic products here. There will be a workable option and we’ll let you know what that is when we can. Until the store goes down those files are still accessible.

Questions? Comments?

As always if you have questions or comments please feel free to contact us at We’ll try to respond to your concerns within 24 business hours.


Thanks, and game on!

Mischief, Inc. at GaryCon IX?

Well not exactly. While it is our dream to attend several old school conventions such as GaryCon and North Texas RPG Con, we are unable to make that happen this year. However, our good friends at Black Blade Publishing have taken up our banner and will be selling Mischief, Inc. products at both GaryCon IX and NTRPGCon 2017!

Go see Allen and Jon at GaryCon next week and say hello! Their booth is at locations 115 – 116 in the Exhibitor Hall.

We hope we’ll be able to be there next year in person! (Or persons!)

Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday

bundleStore-wide Sale

The holiday season is upon us and that means it is time for holidays sales! From Friday, November 25 at 12:00 am until Tuesday, November 29 at 12:00am customers will receive 30% off store-wide!

All This and the Kitchen Sink

As an even more special special, those who buy at least one (1) of each of our products (a bundle will be required) will enjoy a whopping 50% off their entire cart! Use coupon code kitchen sink.

50% Percentage Discount
kitchen sink
Expires Today

Happy Holidays from the staff at Mischief, Inc.

Custom Dice Back In Stock!

20161013_154149Yes you heard that right…

Custom dice are back in stock!

What are you waiting for?!?

Get your Mischief, Inc. custom 6-sided dice with “Bomb” logo on the 1-side right now!

Or, whenever you are ready.

Chessex Custom Dice


Our apologies, but after posting about our newest store product the Mischief, Inc. Custom 6-sided die, we noticed that they were misprinted with an early version of the logo art we sent. They have been marked as Out of Stock temporarily as we wait for a corrected order to arrive from the manufacturer. We thank you for your understanding in this matter and we hope to have them once again available for sale in short order.

October 1st is Dave Arneson Game Day

arneson_10_01Today, October 1st is Dave Arneson Game Day. He would have been 69 years old today.

As Dave once said, he liked playing “his” D&D. He likely meant his original final draft of the rules that were never published, we like to think it also means that each person plays their own version of the game regardless of the published rules. That, we believe, is the true genius of Dungeons & Dragons; that we can all be playing the same game, but that no two games are ever exactly alike.

Thanks Dave! You left us too soon, but you gave us something lasting!

So get out there…play “your” D&D. And while you’re at it, kill some giant frogs too!

Review Mischief, Inc. Products for Discounts

ogmWe Want You! (To Review Our Products)

That’s right! Mischief, Inc. wants you to review our products here in the Mischief, Inc. Adventure Shop! In fact, we want reviews so much, we’re offering a 10% Product Discount on a future purchase for each review!

This discount is available to “verified,” and “un-verified purchasers” (because we know many of you may have purchased our products elsewhere). And because we’d like to get you in the habit of purchasing Mischief, Inc. products direct from us!

Discounts?! Awesome! How Do I Do It?

Just go to one of our product pages, scroll down until you see the tabs, click on the Reviews tab and start typing. When you submit the review and it is approved you will get the discount.

Why Does the Review Need to Be Approved?

We’re not fishing for positive reviews. That helps no one; not customers and certainly not us. We’re only rewarding approved reviews because we want “actual” reviews, not a sentence, not “klsajdf” to count as a review. Put a little thought into it and positive or negative, we’ll approve the review and you’ll get the discount.

Ready! Steady! Go!

Mischief, Inc. Adventure Shop Grand Opening!

Shop Book ImageReady For Business

The Staff at Mischief, Inc. are happy to announce the Grand Opening of the Official Mischief, Inc. Adventure Shop!

The shop sells all current Mischief, Inc. products in PDF format, and for all the grognards out there like us; print copies of A1 A Forgotten Evil as well! As more adventures become available, they will be sold here first, and after a week or so released to our other retailers. Also, new revisions of our PDFs will likewise be available here first.

We are also looking into the idea of carrying Mischief, Inc. branded t-shirts, ball-caps and other items including Mischief, Inc. logo polyhedral dice sets. Stay tuned for developments! And if you’ve got an opinion about this idea (and we know you do), please make your opinion known in the comments section of this post.

Now for the really important stuff!

For as long as they last we are offering a “Grand Opening” coupon!

$0.00 Store Credit
Never Expires

The coupon is for a free PDF copy of the A1 Illustration Book when you buy a PDF or Print copy of A1 A Forgotten Evil. When they are gone, they’re gone so get ’em while you can! Use the coupon code grandopening at checkout!

Adventure Shop Support

If you happen to run into trouble during the buying process, or if you just have a comment or suggestion please email the Shopkeeper at We will be monitoring this account especially closely during this inaugural weekend to try to make your buying experience the best it can be, and to aggressively stamp out any possible bugs.

New Website and the End of Our First Kickstarter Campaign


New Website

As you may notice we have a new website! We’re all pretty excited about it, and we hope you are too! This site is modern, easy to manage and responsive which means it should be easy to view on computers, tablets and smart phones. Although some of the features are not yet live we do have the base site prepared. What we have available is the main Home page, an account registration and management page. This includes product wishlisting. A Store Locator which currently just has three stores in the Greater Pittsburgh Area, but we hope will soon expand to include a gaming store in your home town. To help with this, we would like our customers to speak with the owners or buying agents of their local favorite gaming store and ask them to stock Mischief, Inc. products. They can begin by reaching out to us at, or by using our new contact form here, and we will take it from there. This blog has been separated out from our President’s personal opinion blog Omens and Portents and now only contains information germane to Mischief, Inc. There is an About page with information about Mischief, Inc. and each of the current owners/employees. The Contact page has been updated to include not only our mailing address and a contact form, but also Hours of Operation. These are hours during which you can expect the most rapid response to inquiries.

What is yet to come is a Store selling all of our adventure products in PDF and print as well as any other sideline items we offer such as illustration prints, ball caps, t-shirts, etc. Also new will be a Wiki of the Twelve Kingdoms (our default campaign setting). This wiki will contain campaign information about Characters (PCs and NPCs), Cities, Gods and more. It is our hope that eventually this information will be compiled into a Gazetteer style product along with maps and sold as our first non-adventure module product.

Oh and if English is not your first language check out the little plus (+) sign in the upper right corner of your display! In the Widget Bar that appears you will find Google Translate. You can now translate our site into any of the languages Google offers through this widget!

Kickstarter Campaign

Finally we have completed all fulfillment on our first Kickstarter! The campaign went unbelievably well and the backers seem to be well pleased with their rewards! We will definitely be launching a new Kickstarter before the end of the year. We will post updates about that here as they become available.

We have a lot of exciting things going on here at Mischief, Inc. We hope you will join us in what is to come!