The Macuahuitl – a weapon for Mesoamerican-themed campaigns!

The Macuahuitl is a great addition to Mesoamerican-themed campaigns, but even for European-themed, African or Asian-themed campaigns!  Follow the link for information on this great weapon!


Although The Twelve Kingdoms is heavily Celtic themed, there are as yet unexplored regions of Daearoedd where just this sort of thing could come in quite handy.

3 Comments on “The Macuahuitl – a weapon for Mesoamerican-themed campaigns!”

  1. There are stats for it in Maztica (1d8 vs s/m and 1d6 vs l), though for some reason they call it as “Maca”

    1. I remember that from my 2nd Edition days adventuring in the Forgotten Realms! Maztica was one of my favorite settings. The area of Daearoedd where these could be used has a bit less of an identifiable Mesoamerican theme than Maztica. I hope we can get around to some adventures set there before too long.

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