Seren, the Father

Holy Symbol of Seren



(LG; greater god of sun, light, righteousness, valor and fire magic)

Title/Alias: the Father
Symbol: solar disk surmounted by a stern, fatherly face.

Description: Seren is the primary deity of the Werin pantheon. He is referred to as the Father, but it is doubtful that he fathered the sentient races of Daearoedd. In his role as sun god he is worshiped by almost all people of the Twelve Kingdoms, especially those who rely on sunlight in some way for their livelihood. As the god of righteousness and valor, several orders of knights and paladins claim Seren as their patron. Perhaps the most well-known of these is the Knights of Morning Fire, an order of paladins that was once the personal guard of the King of Cadarn. Since the downfall of Cadarn they have survived, but refuse to guard the King of Caer Brenin. For this reason they have been exiled from the Caer Brenin region.  Most can now be found in Caer Aber and Caer Arlais.

Many of Seren’s priests focus on light and fire magic when they pray to their god.

Seren’s church is headed by a chief priest known as the Sun Bearer. The current Sun Bearer is Telor Illan, ruler of Caer Arlais. Other important titles within the church are based on the many spheres of influence held by Seren. Valorous and Righteous Brother are two examples. Priests of Seren are not prohibited from drawing blood, and many favor the morning star as their weapon of choice.

Worship services are held on Haul, also known as Sun Day. The highest holy day of the year is the day of the Summer Solstice. Huge celebrations are held in most large cities, and even smaller towns hold some kind of feast or other remembrance on the longest day of the year. Of lesser importance, but still marked by worship are the spring and fall equinoxes and the winter solstice. Worship on the spring equinox is joyous for the return of the sun’s warmth, while worship on the fall equinox is more somber as the heat of the sun wanes.  The winter solstice marks the least influence of the sun, but also represents hope as the sun’s strength begins to return.

Seren stands as perhaps the most powerful of the gods, and opposes all evil in the world and the heavens. Worshipers promise to bring the light of goodness into all of their dealings and to root out havens of evil and darkness. Seren’s faithful often sacrifice small, dear objects in a fireplace or brazier.

Illustration: Ian Llanas

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