Livora, the Crone


Brooch Holy Symbol of Livora. [lɪv-ôrə]

(NE; lesser goddess of malice and deep places)

Title/Alias: the Crone
Symbol: black widow spider
Drow Name: Umiel goddess of drow and malice (primary Drow goddess)
Kobold Name: Kalmak god of kobolds and survival (primary Kobold god)

Description: Livora is an evil goddess of dark underground spaces and pure malice toward all that is good and bright.  She has not been worshiped in the Twelve Kingdoms for centuries, and even then she only ever managed to have a few small cults of dissatisfied, anti-social types.  It is rumored that a shrine to her may exist below Caer Arlais, but searches for such a shrine have never been successful.  Livora is now unknown except to the most learned religious scholars of the Twelve Kingdoms.

Clerics of Livora focused largely on spells involving darkness, causing harm to enemies, and fear effects.  Current worshipers are mainly kobold shaman who know this being as Kalmak, and matriarchal drow clerics who worship her as Umiel.

There is no known center of worship for Livora, and nothing is known of any church hierarchy. (More on this topic will be revealed in 1B The Secret Shrine of Livora).  It is certain that kobolds and drow have some unique dogma and worship practices, but they aren’t telling human scholars.

Worship of Livora is conducted in cramped, dark spaces.  Blood sacrifice of sentient beings is a common form of offering to Livora.  Worship is held on Ilea (Moon Day) under a new moon.  Worshipers of Livora are encouraged to hate everyone not like themselves, and to bring darkness into all places within their reach.

Illustration: Storn Cook

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