Holy Symbol of Gormail.

(LE; intermediate god of tyranny)

Symbol: gauntleted clenched fist
Abaedan Name: Ríceter (same portfolio)
Drow Name: Galugon (same portfolio)
Goblinoid Name: Zarnok (same portfolio)

Description: Gormail is a very ancient god. First worshiped by the tribes of Verin that eventually formed the Kingdom of Cadarn, Gormail was a strong influence in the organization of many of those tribes into law abiding settlements.  Today Gormail is not widely worshiped in the Twelve Kingdoms, but a shrine to him is maintained in Caer Arlais.

Those who worship Gormail are mainly those who wish to rule over others in a strong-fisted, or oppressive manner.  They desire personal power over all else and will often do anything to get it.  Autocrats often say prayers to Gormail to help preserve their rule, even if they are not interested in being an oppressive ruler.

Priests of Gormail often pray for spells that destroy the will of their enemies in some way.  They also favor spells that physically crush any who oppose them swiftly and decisively.

The only well known priest of Gormail in the Twelve Kingdoms is the man who maintains his shrine in Caer Arlais.  Nudd Blevins is known as the High Oppressor.  Other titles within the church are similarly related to tyranny such as Oppressor, Despot, Dictator, or Inquisitor.  Priests of Gormail favor chain or scale mail, and wield cruel morning stars or maces.

Services to Gormail, when they are held at all, are held on Duvyn (the Gods Day of the Verin).  Feast days vary from kingdom to kingdom where they are often associated with the ascension day of the ruler, or on days when particularly powerful or troublesome rivals were disposed.  Sacrifices often call on the petitioner to spill some of his or her own blood into a pyre and then cauterize the wound with the flame.  For the squeamish gold is often an allowable substitute for the blood.

Gormail is worshiped in the Maere Empire as Ríceter, and is in the circle of deities directly subordinate to only Balaur.  The drow worship this being as Galugon and he is a close ally of Umiel, though he is smart enough to know that she would rather see him destroyed and his portfolios consumed by her.  He understandably prefers to support her schemes from a distance.  Goblinoids and especially hobgoblins venerate Zarnok.  It is in the name of Zarnok that hobgoblins engage in conquest of everything and anyone around them.

Illustration: Jordan Worley

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