Holy Symbol of Brenna set in a ring.



(NG; intermediate goddess of forests, flora and fauna)
Symbol: thistle
Elven Name: Balanedaur god of elves and the forest (primary elven god)

Description: Brenna is a goddess of forests, of sunlight dappled clearings, of flowers and of trees, and of the beasts that wander under the boughs of her protection.  She is revered by all who rely on forests for sustenance or protection, or conversely those who seek to protect forests from depredation.  Rangers and druids (who do not worship nature disembodied) are strong followers of Brenna’s teachings.

There are not many organized churches to Brenna, but the clerics that are drawn to her service are often also rangers.  Such clerics often focus on spells that are similar to druidic magic.  Spells that incorporate nature, or natural phenomenon are often used in place of those that call more directly on the power of the divine.

Caer Arlais is the center of worship for most of the Verin gods, but this is not true of Brenna.  Although there is a small shrine to her in Caer Arlais the center of Brenna worship is Caer Brennau, the city named after her.  There the Keeper of Forests oversees Brenna’s largest temple, the House of Boughs.  It may say something of Brenna that the temple to Seren in Caer Brennau is larger than the House of Boughs.  The current Keeper of Forests is Rhian Argall, a ranger/cleric.  Rhian is said to know every footpath though the Hened Forest, and she often brings large amounts of rare, and hard to find medicinal herbs from deep within the forest during her frequent visits there.  Other church titles follow a similar theme.  Keeper of Fawns, Keeper of Berries, and Keeper of Flowers are common titles.  Unlike many churches the title seems to be more a job description than a ranking, and all those under Keeper of Forests are ranked by ability, not title.

Worship of Brenna is often conducted outdoors and can occur on any day of the week.  Formal services held at the House of Boughs are rare, but tend to occur on Daer (also known as Earth Day) instead of the Verin Gods Day.  Those who follow Brenna are charged with taking care of some small part of nature from which they gain no benefit.  This may be nurturing a sapling, protecting a small copse from loggers, or nursing a sick animal back to health.

Brenna is often portrayed as an ally of, or subordinate to Daera, the Mother.

It is interesting to note that the elves worship this being as Balanedaur, their primary deity, and as such is portrayed as male.  Although also strongly tied to forests and nature Balanedaur is considered god of elves foremost, and also presides over other elven virtues such as music, song and warfare.

Illustration: Storn Cook

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