Holy Symbol of Belinos as an amulet



(N; greater god of fire and dragons)

Symbol: intertwined gold and red dragons
Abaedan Name: Balaur (same portfolio)
Elven Name: Amlugeth (same portfolio)

Description: The deity the Verin worship as Belinos is not a formal member of the Verin pantheon.  Originally the prime deity of the dragon pantheon, the Verin and several other races have adopted this being as their god of dragons.  Scholars say that the draconic name of this deity is virtually unpronounceable by human or demi-human vocal chords.

Belinos is worshiped in the Twelve Kingdoms largely by warriors, and those revere actual dragons for some aspect of their nature, such as strength, ferocity, longevity, etc.  A single order of knights is devoted to the god of dragons and fire.  They are known as the Knights of Belinos, an order of dragon riders.  Although the order fell into disgrace before the fall of the Kingdom of Cadarn, the order still exists in some of the larger cities of the Twelve Kingdoms.  They are often derided and joked about in taverns across the realms as a Knight of Belinos has not ridden a dragon for centuries.

Priests of Belinos often display traits that are associated with dragons.  In addition to those mentioned above, other traits include wisdom, irritability, greed, self-confidence, impatience and superiority.  Because Belinos is god of all dragons, both metallic and chromatic, the traits exhibited by his priest are not always admirable.  When praying for spells, priests of Belinos often focus on spells that can turn the tide of a battle with overwhelming force.  Fire spells are a strong favorite, but although Belinos is usually associated with fire, spells emulating other kinds of dragon breath weapons are also favored.

In Caer Alais there is a large temple simply called the Temple of Belinos.  Presiding over the faithful is a patriarch known as the Dragon Speaker.  The current Dragon Speaker is Aron Kindrick.  There are five levels of priests under the Dragon Speaker, they are in descending order Gold Dragon, Silver Dragon, Bronze Dragon, Copper Dragon, and Brass Dragon.  The lowest level within the church are those who have yet to attain priesthood and are officially termed Dragon Adepts, but unofficially others in the church facetiously call them Wyrmlings.  Priests of Belinos have no prohibitions on arms and armor, however maces, hammers and mauls are popular.

Services or other worship of Belinos is held on Duvyn (the Gods Day of the Verin).  Adherents often pray for a draconic trait they admire to be bestowed upon them, sacrificing a small amount of their own blood, or wealth in fierce burning braziers.

Belinos is a powerful god, but due to his neutral nature and representation of all dragon-kind, good and evil, lawful and chaotic his worship isn’t particularly wide spread among the common folk of the Twelve Kingdoms.  Scholars and some learned nobles are aware that Belinos is worshiped as the primary god of the Maere Empire under the name of Balaur.


Illustration: Storn Cook

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