Arawn, King of Hell


Holy Symbol of Arawn [ahr-oun]

(LE; greater god of revenge, terror, war, spirit contact, and reincarnation)

Title/Alias: King of Hell
Symbol: crowned skull
Abaedan Name: Wrecan (revenge, punishment, war and reincarnation)
Drow Name: Faeron (revenge, and war)
Goblin Name: Yenilgi (goblins and destruction)

Description: Arawn is perhaps the most powerful evil god in the Verin Pantheon. He is roundly feared by all people of good will, and most folk offer him sacrifice in the hope that they will never visit his realm in the afterlife. Still some few do worship him actively. Mostly these are people obsessed with revenge for some wrong done them, those engaging in wars of conquest, or those seeking to return to life someone who has died.

Arawn’s priests pray for spells that cause direct damage to their foes, or that create undead or manipulate the dead. Spells that cause fear or terror effects are also highly favored.

Arawn’s worship in the Twelve Kingdoms is conducted in temples either constructed above ground of basalt or similar materials, or located underground. An infernally grand temple the Basilica of Hell is located in Caer Arlais. The head of the faith is Meilyr Thywell the Patriarch of Hell. Other titles within the church are Archbishop of Hell, Bishop of Hell, and Priest of Hell.  Priests of Arawn like to dress in black plate armor highly decorated with skull motifs, red or black full length capes are often an added accessory. They like to wield large swords such as bastard or two-handed swords, or sometimes prefer great spiked mauls or morning stars.

Worship of Arawn is usually conducted on Ilea (Moon Day) and sacrifice consists of large tithes of coin or goods to the church.

In the Maere empire Arawn is know as Wrecan and is in the circle of major gods subordinate only to Balaur. He has the added portfolio of punishment and as such is often invoked by the state before executions and other public punishment of lawbreakers.

The drow know this deity as Faeron and he presides over revenge and war as Umiel’s consort.

Goblinoids name this being Yenilgi and he is their primary god. They believe he relishes destruction, and goblins and hobgoblins in particular launch raids or wars in his name. While razing a village or town, shouts of “Yenilgi! Yenilgi! Lat nekem!” (Yenilgi! Yenilgi! See me!) can often be heard as the victors seek the approval, and to draw the attention, of their patron.

Illustration: Craig Brasco

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