Aeron, the Warrior


Holy Symbol of Aeron on a shield [AYR-ahn]

(CG; greater god of war, battle and bravery)

Title/Alias: the Warrior
Symbol: rent and bloody iron helm
Elven Name: Maethor

Description: Aeron is the Werin deity of war and, as such, is often referred to simply as the Warrior.  He is a popular patron of fighters of all types. Not only do soldiers and knights of the kingdoms revere him, but also mercenaries and adventurers. There are even knightly orders devoted to the lord of battle, some of which are composed mainly of paladins.

Aeron’s priesthood pray mostly for attack spells or spells that grant strength, endurance or martial skill to the recipients. Some orders focus a little more strongly on healing in order to allow the recipients of their ministrations to fight on in battle.

The head of Aeron’s church is called the Master of Battle. The current Master of Battle is Maelog Lodwick.  He presides over The Warrior’s Fane in Caer Arlais.  Other priestly titles follow the same format.  Adept of Battle and Initiate of Battle are just two examples of common honorifics.  Aeron’s priesthood use many of the same weapons and armors that common soldiers and knights employ.  Swords, shields and heavy armors are common among the clergy and make picking a priest out among a large force in battle almost impossible, unless the priest is casting a spell or otherwise cloaked in Aeron’s power.

Worship of Aeron is often conducted on Duvyn (also known as Gods Day), and special feast days are usually specific to the region or country in which they are held, as they usually revolve around remembrances of great military engagements.

Aeron is well known throughout the kingdoms.  Temples or shrines can be found in most towns and cities.  The Citadel of Aeron, near Caer Arail, was once the center of Aeron’s worship in the Twelve Kingdoms.  The citadel is a fortress on the shores of Lake Merthir.  Long ago it was sacked by a force of orcs and giants, and now is avoided by all as it is generally deemed to be haunted.  Before the fall of Cadarn, the name of the place was changed to the Citadel of the Martyr due to the sacrifice of the Patriarch of Adlan who was visiting with his retinue.

Aeron is charged by the other gods with being on guard for the signs of what is known as the Dusk War (the war at the end of time).  He is to warn the other gods when he believes the Dusk War is imminent so they can attempt to stop it before it begins.  Given the immensity of the task, Aeron spends a great deal of his power and attention on keeping watch.  Because of this he is often portrayed as distant and aloof when it comes to responding to his followers prayers and requests.

Illustration: Storn Cook

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  1. One thing I should point out that is new with this entry, is that Twelve Kingdoms gods are not just single aspect deities. That is to say that while a being known as Aeron is the Verin god of war, the same being is known as Maethor to the elves and while his portfolio is war for elves as well, it need not be. This will be seen in more detail when other god entries are published in the near future.

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