Review Mischief, Inc. Products for Discounts

ogmWe Want You! (To Review Our Products)

That’s right! Mischief, Inc. wants you to review our products here in the Mischief, Inc. Adventure Shop! In fact, we want reviews so much, we’re offering a 10% Product Discount on a future purchase for each review!

This discount is available to “verified,” and “un-verified purchasers” (because we know many of you may have purchased our products elsewhere). And because we’d like to get you in the habit of purchasing Mischief, Inc. products direct from us!

Discounts?! Awesome! How Do I Do It?

Just go to one of our product pages, scroll down until you see the tabs, click on the Reviews tab and start typing. When you submit the review and it is approved you will get the discount.

Why Does the Review Need to Be Approved?

We’re not fishing for positive reviews. That helps no one; not customers and certainly not us. We’re only rewarding approved reviews because we want “actual” reviews, not a sentence, not “klsajdf” to count as a review. Put a little thought into it and positive or negative, we’ll approve the review and you’ll get the discount.

Ready! Steady! Go!

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